Who is Brock Moore?

I have been a "computer geek" since childhood.  In the days of punch-cards and reel-to-reel data storage, I was taking classes at Arizona State University in Basic, Fortran, and Cobol programming languages.  My first computer was an original IBM PC, on which I spent many months writing my own program for a text-based game similar to the original Zork.

I spent seven years in the US Navy Nuclear Power program.  The last six months of that service were spent designing and maintaining a database system for the safety office at Treasure Island Naval Station in California.  Upon leaving the service in 1995, I joined my family here in Louisville though I grew up in Tucson, AZ. 

From 1995 through 2004, I only diagnosed and repaired computers "on the side" while working as an insurance adjuster and attending the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program at Sullivan University.  By the beginning of 2005, it was apparent that arguing with lawyers on the phone was not suited for me at all, and a career change was in order.  I took a deep breath, walked away from a "cubicle farm" job with good benefits, and struck out on my own as a computer consultant.

My first and best customers were neighbors former coworkers, and fellow small business owners from the community.  After being in both the military and a giant mega corporation, I now certainly prefer to work directly with people face to face, without any separation between work being done and decisions that guide that work.  My business focus reflects that philosophy:  All of my customers are either individual households or locally-owned small businesses.