Why a computer Consultant?

There are individuals and companies that will fix broken computer hardware, stores that will sell you computers, and neighborhood teenagers who will try to clean out that latest nasty virus you managed to pick up surfing the web.   A competent, experienced consultant can tell you why you got that virus and how to prevent similar infections in the future.  They can figure out why a piece of hardware failed, and steer you towards something perhaps better suited to what you want it to do.  A good consultant can help save you money by recommending the right technology tools to accomplish whatever job you need to do; from finding a cheap but sufficient computer for a child's homework to protecting sensitive customer information while utilizing a business network, and everything in between.

For emergent "I just need this fixed" repairs and virus cleaning, it simply makes sense to turn to someone with decades of experience dealing with exactly the problem you have.  At hourly labor rates well below what large corporations charge to send a $10/hr employee to your door, you can deal directly with the "owner of the company" when you use a private consultant.

Small business owners especially appreciate the flexibility of dealing directly with another business owner.  It is far easier to get exactly the support you want and need when you deal directly with the boss.  Any time you deal directly with a business owner, their livelihood depends on your satisfaction as a customer.


For those subject to HIPPA

Anyone running a business in the medical or insurance field can appreciate the difficulties that HIPPA can present.  Recommendations and guidelines are easy enough to find, but actual "brass tacks" specifics on the legal requirements of HIPPA, especially as they apply to computer and network technology are essentially non-existent.  Maintaining a network in the medical fields today requires not only knowledge of computer networking protocols and procedures, but an understanding of the need to maintain patient confidentiality and the specific demands of HIPPA.

I spent ten years working in medical/disability insurance and specialize in